“Then David invited him to dinner and got him drunk. But even then he couldn’t get Uriah to go home to his wife. Again he slept at the palace entrance with the king’s palace guard.”

2 Samuel 11:13 NLT

As I read the passage above this morning, something struck me and broke me down completely. Severally when we sin or make mistakes, we are quick to excuse our fallings, we are quick to find a loophole that justifies our actions, I was drunk we say, the devil made me do it we say, if so and so hadn’t done what they did we say, I was just reacting to so and so’s actions we say, but all these are baseless if our integrity was engrained in our hearts and not just in our heads. Uriah had all the excuses, all valid, all approved, all set for him to lean on and justify going home and sleeping with his wife, he even had the king’s permission, but he said no. He wouldn’t lean upon the crutch of ready made excuses no matter how valid, the integrity of his heart came to the fore when it was most needed. Even while drunk, he wouldn’t go home to his wife. I believe that he must have struggled with himself while sitting at the king’s gate, he must have had the discussion with himself justifying his going home, but because he has engrained integrity in his heart, he remained at the king’s gate.

If Uriah, who did not have 5he Holy Spirit on the inside could subdue his inner sinful desires and lusts, how much more we that are of the new covenant, with the in dwelling Holy Spirit!

Integrity is of the heart and at the heart of every child of God is the Holy Spirit our help in all situations! Let us trust Him and allow that which is on our inside come forth and change our lives, our home, our neighborhoods, our nation and our generation!

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